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Welcome to our website. We appreciate your interest and look forward to helping you with your CPR training program.

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. CPR should be administered when a person stops breathing and has no pulse. Whenever breathing and circulation stop, sudden death has occurred. Sudden death most commonly occurs because of cardiac arrest, but may also occur because of drowning, electrocution, poisoning, choking, smoke inhalation and severe injury.  

CPR saves lives

In some cases, sudden death may be reversed. Rapid activation of EMS,

immediate delivery of CPR, proper application of an AED

(automated external defibrillator), can help a patient survive long enough

to receive treatment with advanced cardiac life support (ACLS).

In most cases, CPR alone is not enough to save a patient in cardiac arrest. However, it is an important and vital step in the sequence of survival. By alerting EMS and beginning CPR as soon as possible, you are working to prolong the patient’s opportunity to be brought back from “sudden death.”

We can tailor a training program at your location to fit the needs and requirements of your organization.

New - We now offer online an on-line training course.  www.onlineaha.org

Our training programs are now in pamphlet form and can be downloaded and printed for handy reference.  

Thanks for your time.


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